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A driving crash course: is it the right option for me?

A driving crash course: is it the right option for me?

What is a driving crash course?

What is a crash course like? Well, a driving crash course is typically a week of very full-on driving lessons, normally around 8 hours a day. So, instead of having a lesson or two each week spread over several months, it’s possible to cram the whole learning process into a short period.

While these intensive courses allow you to get everything out of the way quickly, experience counts for a lot when learning to drive – and there’s only so much of that you can gain in a week.

Am I guaranteed to pass?

Unfortunately, no. Some companies may tell you that you are guaranteed to pass the first time, but quite simply this is not the case.

The best schools will give you an assessment session before you book, to gauge your ability. Research shows that, on average, those who pass their driving test have had 32 hours of lessons and 20 hours of private practice.

To be as safe a driver as possible you really need to drive in a variety of conditions. So if you do take the intensive driving course route, make sure you properly weigh up the pros and cons of this type of driving course. You may pass more quickly, but you may be short of experience.

What do I need before I start my driving crash course?

Before you start your driving crash course, you’ll need to check you’ve got your provisional license. Chances are you’ll also need to have passed your theory and hazard perception tests before booking. Some companies may offer to book this for you for an additional fee, but most will need you to have this before booking your course. You’ll also need to check the driving school has definitely booked a practical driving test for you. Some schools will just hope a cancellation comes up.

How much will a driving crash course cost?

An intensive driving course can cost anywhere between £1200 and £1500, with your test fee included.

driving crash courses are called so for a reason, so make sure you’re really sure this is the best option for you before booking!

What do young drivers think of a driving crash course?

Matt, Glasgow, Scotland.

“I had lots of driving lessons away from the public road before I was 17, so I was pretty confident I knew how to control a car. Because I wanted to learn quickly so I could drive myself to college, an intensive course made sense to me. You know what, I passed the first time!”

Samantha, Glasgow, Scotland.

“Patience isn’t my strong point! I wanted to get the whole learning process over and done quickly. But driving for so many hours a day was very intensive and tiring. I made a mess of the test and didn’t pass. I’m now having regular lessons and learning at my own pace.”

Driving crash courses with Passin1week 5-day crash courses:

If you already have done your theory test we can probably get you through the course in 5 (five) days from the time of the first contact.

7 to 13-day crash courses:

If you still need to do your theory test it will take a little longer. If you still need to submit your application for your provisional driver’s license; From the time you submit your application for your provisional license until you set your practical driving test can be as short as 19 days, provided you follow the procedure listed below;

How does the crash course work?

1. Book in with BDSL and make an application for your provisional driving license 1 day, 2. Start doing your theory preparation,
3. Wait for your provisional license and do your theory preparation for 10 days,
4. Start learning to drive – continue practicing theory,

5. Book your practical theory test 3 days later, 6. book your practical driving test 5 days later,

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