What is the Intensive Driving Course?

Intensive Driving Courses are suitable for people who want to pass their driving test in one to two weeks with lessons being 2-5 hours per day and do not want to spend months and years learning.

Below you can read some tips to help you decide which is the most suitable driving course for you

Step 1

When planning on doing your intensive driving course the first thing you need to do is make the time available for your course.

Step 2

Plan the date you want to start and finish your driving course and clear your diary for work and all other commitments for the days/weeks you intend to do your driving lessons. Make sure your only focus is your course and nothing else. By doing a crash driving course you will be learning to drive in a shorter space of time compared to people doing normal driving lessons, which can take from 6 months to a year. It will be tough but remember that it’s only for a short period. As I always tell my pupils you should treat it like work, you’re paying so you want to get the most out of it and get as much done as is humanly possible in the shortest period possible.

Step 3

Pick your driving instructor/school carefully, spend time researching them as you will be spending a lot of time with them in a confined place. You will want your instructor to work as hard as you intend to work yourself, it is not very often we have to spend a lot of time with people we don’t know. A good instructor is worth their weight in gold. Lots of driving schools offer intensive courses whilst also offering normal driving lessons at the same time. It is best to avoid these driving schools as it is very difficult if not impossible for a driving instructor to teach 20 other pupils at the same time as offering you a proper intensive driving course.

Step 4

You will need your driving instructor to put in as much time and effort if not more into your driving lessons as you do to give you the best chance of passing your driving test. 

When you search the internet for these courses you will come across lots of driving schools in the UK offering them, take your time when choosing which school is right for you. If a residential course suits you best, maybe this is because you want to get away from family and friends to focus, do check how many hours a day you will be doing behind the wheel. It’s not much good getting a hotel for a week and only spending a couple of hours a day behind the wheel.

Step 5

The DVSA driving test is tough and you will want the best driving instructor on your side to help you all the way. Try and avoid going on a course where you do a 5-hour lesson before your driving test as this will make you shattered and the chances of you passing will be a lot less than if you do a gentle warm-up. I would recommend no more than 2 hours beforehand. Bring water to your driving lessons and have some before you start the test. All driving schools are NOT equal, we at Intensive Courses Driving School believe we are the best driving school in the UK offering intensive driving lessons, try us and we hope you will be delighted with the result. Always remember the examiner is looking for a safe driver, not a great driver, don’t rush and always stay focused.

intensive driving course custom designed according to your requirements, followed by a test booked for the end of your course. The course will take place over the four days prior to your test which is booked according to your requirements, for the fifth day. Your 5 day intensive driving course can be booked for next week!

This course is designed for students who may already have some previous driving experience, or for those who are suited to learning at an accelerated rate. This course also suits those who have the desire to pass their test within a short time frame.