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Driving Crash Courses

Driving Crash Courses With Passin1week

5 Day Crash Courses:

If you already have done your theory test we can probably get you through the course in 5 (five) days from the time of the first contact.

7 to 13-day Crash Courses:

If you still need to do your theory test it will take a little longer. If you still need to submit your application for your provisional driver’s licence; From the time you submit your application for your provisional licence until you set your practical driving test can be as short as 19 days, provided you follow the procedure listed below;

How Dose The Crash Course Work?

Book in with BDSL and make application for your provisional driving licence 1 day,
2. Start doing your theory preparation,
3. Wait for your provisional license and do your theory preparation 10 days,
4. Start learning to drive – continue practicing theory,
5. Book your practical theory test 3 days later,
6. book your practical driving test 5 days later,

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